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Boostaroo, Headphone Amplifier/Splitter (PC/MP3 packaging)

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Product Description

The Boostaroo is a unique portable pocket amplifier for personal audio devices and laptops. It solves the problem of low volume from personal portables, including Mp3 players, Pocket PC's, laptops, portable DVD Players, CD and tape players. In fact, most people can't hear music or soundtracks in a plane, train, bus, on the street, on a motorcycle or at the races without a Boostaroo!

The Boostaroo is an audio amplifier that separates the signal into individual stereo channels to drive 3 separate headsets or speakers.

  • Doubles the volume with no loss or noise to all 3 splitters.
  • Uses two AA Batteries (not included) for 30 hours of continuous use.
  • Use with all portable electronics, Mp3, CD, DVD, Video Games, TV, Satellite Radio, & Scanners.

What is a portable audio amplifier?
When you think of an amplifier, most people think of large amplifiers that they see in someones car. Larger speakers, like those found in cars or concerts, need large amount of power do drive them. Smaller devices, such as headphones, do not need a lot of power to work efficiently. So, most portable audio amplifiers are designed small enough to fit in your pocket, while providing the necessary power increase to drive headphones or small speakers. You can bring a portable audio amplifier on road trips, airplanes, or even when your just walking around listening to music.

Audio players, like MP3 players have poor quality. You probably notice how poor the audio sounds the higher the volume is turned up. Static is present, instruments blend together, and audio becomes distorted. MP3 players are known to have among the worst quality in the audio market. The job of an audio amplifier is to take the burden of sound production away from the player, which improves the listening experience and saves the battery of the player.


  • Delivers hi-fidelity stereo sound to one, two, or three channels.
  • Doubles available signal volume.
  • Works with any portable electronic player (MP3, CD, DVD, Video Games, TV, Satellite Radio, & Scanners).
  • 12-inch input cord.
  • Sealed Blister Package (PC/MP3 User Oriented).

Product Dimensions

Product: 5.5" 1" 1" 0.15 lb.
Product Box: 1.5" 4" 8" 0.21 lb.
Inner Pack: 3 ea. 5" 4.75" 8.25" 0.75 lb.
Case: 30 ea. 25" 9.25" 8.5" 8.4 lb.

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